340 Transport Projects Invested in in Xayaboury Province

The past five years witnessed 340 basic transport development projects implemented in Xayaboury Province.

The investment in transport infrastructure development has been estimated at 3.4 trillion kip (USD 422.41 million), including 1.5 trillion kip solely government funded, and 1.42 billion kip from foreign funds, according to the Director of Public Works and Transport Department in Xayaboury province, Mr,Pheangxoy Pheangmeuang.

Among the government projects approved in the province, 70 billion kip (USD 8.7 million) has gone to rural development programmes.

Major infrastructure projects completed in Xayaboury over the past five years include three Nam Khong bridges. One more bridge is planned to be built to facilitate transport and communication between Khob district in Bokeo Province and Parktha district in Xayaboury Province.

Over the past five years, Xayaboury has recorded a robust economic growth at 10.90% per year with an annum per capita income of the population in urban areas reaching US$ 4,700.

Source: Lao News Agency