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Antipolo police chief meets with village leaders amid burglaries

Police authorities on Saturday afternoon assured subdivision residents here that headway has been made in identifying and arresting members of criminal groups behind a surge of home invasion incidents over the past several months. In a meeting, Lt. Col. June Paolo Abrazado, Antipolo chief of police, told board members of Victoria Valley Homeowners Association (VVAI) that at least two crime gangs have recently been dismantled while operatives continue to pursue leads on other suspected organized burglary groups. The police chief has also met with residents of other exclusive villages in the area, such as Town and Country, Barrington, Parkridge, and Sun Valley, in response to numerous reports of “cat burglaries” wherein homes have been ransacked while the owners are still asleep in the early morning hours. Investigators said some owners whose houses have been broken into reported dizziness and headaches afterward, opening the possibility that the burglars used chemicals to induce deep sleep. “We (Antipolo police and subdivision officials) really have to cultivate closer ties and establish regular means to contact each other. We have to work together if we are to stop this (wave of burglaries),” Abrazado added. Aside from the regular police hotline, an “anonymous tip hotline” is being circulated to allow residents of affected communities to report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods. He also encouraged village officials to acquire aerial drones as well as put up more security cameras. “We will continue to cooperate with police by supplying them with information and helping their investigation by any means at our disposal. But we are also encouraging our residents to be more vigilant and conscientious about home security,” said VVAI president Virgilio Cuerpo.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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