ASEAN Political-Security Community convenes 15th coordinating conference

The 15th Coordinating Conference for the ASEAN Political-Security Community (ASCCO) took place on March 15 via videoconference.

With the implementation of the ASEAN Political – Security Community (APSC) Blueprint 2025 having reached 99% implementation rate with two more years into its completion, Deputy Secretary-General for APSC Michael Tene, who chaired the conference, encouraged all sectoral bodies and entities to further their respective efforts to reach the full implementation of the blueprint.

At the conference, as in previous years, APSC sectoral bodies and entities associated with the APSC pillar exchanged views and provided updates on each other’s work regarding the implementation of the APSC blueprint.

While ASCCO is a regular platform for promoting cross-sectoral cooperation among sectors of the APSC pillar as well as associated entities, this year’s conference likewise served as a venue to exchange views on the future of ASEAN. The exchange provided valuable inputs towards the development of ASEAN Community’s Post-2025 Vision.

According to participants to the videoconference, ASEAN’s external relations are becoming more robust with the addition of new formal partners, enhancement of several dialogue partnerships to comprehensive strategic partnerships, and the increasing number of countries acceding to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC).

The participants were also updated about Timor-Leste’s observer status and its participation in ASEAN meetings and activities in the coming time.

Source: Lao News Agency

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