ASEAN Writer’ Symposium and Literature Book Meeting Held In Vientiane

The ASEAN Writer’ Symposium and Literature Books seminar is being held on May 10-12, 2018 in Dongdok Campus of the National University of Laos, Vientiane Capital.

The seminars are among the project activities within the purview of the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information and funded by ASEAN Cultural Fund.

The events provides us ASEAN writers a great opportunity to closely join hands and put our efforts together to realize ASEAN Community Vision 2025, particularly the ASEAN Social-Cultural Community Blueprint 2025, Mr Thongbay Phothisane, Director General of the Heritage Department, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism told the opening ceremony on May 10.

To ensure the key objectives of the project are productively achieved, 2 sessions of technical discussion among ASEAN writers and literature exhibition will be conducted over the next three days under the theme of ASEAN Literature on Creative Life and Culture in Globalization Era where all ASEAN participants can exchange common views and share advanced lessons and experiences on how to attract more public readers and widely promote ASEAN literature stories in our region thus contributing to raising better awareness of ASEAN, said Mr Thongbay, also the Chairman of the National ASEAN Sub-committee on Culture and President of the Lao National Writers’ Association.

The seminar is not only help promote deeper understanding of cultural diversity, uniqueness, strong solidarity, unity and harmony of ASEAN but also create ASEAN awareness by exhibiting different series of ASEAN literature books to the public especially young generations, added Mr Thongbay.

Source: Lao News Agency