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Azerbaijan Keen to Restore Active Cooperation with Laos: Diplomat

In an interview with Lao media on May 18, Azerbaijan Ambassador to Laos Anar Imanov revealed that Azerbaijan is keen to restore cooperation with Laos in all possible fields.

The ambassador said that the two countries can work actively together in various fields such as tourism, agriculture, trade and economy as well as education and transport.

We used to have very good people-to-people contact. Many young people from Laos studied in Azerbaijan and many specialists came to Laos to help Lao people develop their country. Then later on, unfortunately, we didn’t have (such) active cooperation. Azerbaijan restored independence in 1991 after the collapse of Soviet Union. So we were busy with solving our problems and Laos was busy with implementing reforms to develop the country. So sometimes we didn’t have active cooperation, said Ambassador Imanov.

Many Lao people who graduated in Azerbaijan now have successful careers. Some of them have become ministers and vice ministers in different ministries.

Education is one of important, interesting areas where we could build up our relationship and active cooperation. Historically, we had good cooperation and we can now do even more. Azerbaijan can provide scholarships again. Our universities are ready to provide scholarships to our Lao friends. The only thing we need is people who can speak very good English or Russian in order to get scholarships, said the ambassador.

The ambassador also pointed out that cooperation on transportation can be another area the two countries should attach importance to, as Azerbaijan has implemented several infrastructure development projects to ensure the country can play a greater role as a transit nation between Europe and Asia.

The energy-rich Azerbaijan is finishing implementing the Baku�Tbilisi�Kars Railway Project, which will connect Azerbaijan with Georgia and Turkey.

It is believed that the railway, which will be put into operation in coming months, will help make transporting goods from Asia to Europe about two or three times cheaper and two or three times faster.

Source: Lao News Agency