SHANGHAI, Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Each changing season sheds the old and ushers in new beginnings, and Anantara Spa’s special Autumn Breeze package at The PuLi Hotel and Spa offers a unique combination of revered eastern and western therapies, available throughout September, October and November 2014.

Anantara Spa Massage Treatment

Anantara Spa Massage Treatment


Anantara Spa Massage Treatment

Anantara Spa Massage Treatment

Designed with Chinese and Thai influences, revealing views of Jing’An Park, Anantara Spa is a haven of contemporary luxury and tranquillity that feels a world away from bustling Shanghai.  Escorted to one of the five charming treatment suites, individuals and couples can look forward to far reaching health and beauty benefits when they book the Rejuvenating Winter Wellness package.

The ritual begins with a 90 minute Swedish Massage with Herbal Oil. Since it was developed nearly 200 years ago, Swedish Massage has become the foundation of most western massage techniques. Incorporating percussive, tapping movements and five variations of

strokes, each part of the body is manipulated to stimulate the nervous system, improve circulation and flexibility, and enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Drawing on ancient Chinese wellness wisdom, a 30 minute Moxibustion Treatments tailored to each client’s needs, with a choice of selecting this specialist treatment for the shoulder and neck, lower back, or belly button.

Moxibustion is an ancient technique practiced in both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine to aid the body’s ability to heal itself.  This ancient Asian holistic therapy involves burning the herb mugwort to stimulate acupoints.  The radiant heat produced by the burning herbs penetrates deeply into the body, expelling cold and warming the meridians to stimulate the flow of blood circulation and vital energy, leading to improved general health and a wealth of specific benefits.  Moxibustion is used to treat cancer and chronic conditions such as arthritis, digestive disorders and ulcers, and since it increases circulation to the pelvis it is also used to encourage healthy menstruation and reduce menstrual cramps.  By invigorating healthy qi the immune system is strengthened, helping to prevent disease and increase longevity.

Traditionally there are two types of moxibustion.  In direct moxibustion, a small, cone-shaped amount of moxa is placed on top of an acupuncture point and burned.  For indirect moxibustion, a practitioner lights one end of a moxa stick and holds it close to the area being treated for several minutes until the area turns red. Acupuncture can also be incorporated, with a needle inserted into an acupoint and the tip wrapped in moxa and ignited, generating heat to the point and surrounding area. 

The Autumn Breeze ritual marries tradition and innovation by using a highly effective and safe machine lamp for the moxibustion treatment.  In this modern method the cover is placed on specific areas of the body that each client wishes to focus on.   The machine makes it easy for the therapist to adjust the temperature control and locate acupuncture points easily, while clients benefit from a comfortable experience without the fire and smoke that occurs with traditional methods.

Experience the relaxing and holistic benefits of the Autumn Breeze package for the special price of RMB 1, 480* per individual and RMB 2, 600* per couple, including a complimentary Anantara body care product worth RMB 380 to take home.

For reservations or more information about the Autumn Breeze package at The PuLi Hotel and Spa, please contact 3203 9999 ext. 6899 or email

Autumn Breeze  120mins

90 minutes Swedish Massage with Herbal Oil
30 minutes Moxibustion Treatment

You can choose any part of below Moxibustion Treatments during the massage

  • shoulder and neck moxibustion
  • low back moxibustion
  • belly button moxibustion

Give Away: A complimentary Anantara body care product valued RMB380

Special Price for Single / Couple: RMB1, 480* / 2, 600*

Available exclusively at Anantara Spa @ The PuLi Hotel and Spa from 1st September 2014 to 30th November 2014.* Price is subject to 15% Service Charge *Terms and Conditions apply

(*Not valid with other promotions or discounts. *Advance booking recommended.* Anantara Spa reserves the final decision.)

Editor’s Note:

About Anantara at The PuLi Hotel and Spa

As the first Anantara Spa in Shanghai, the tranquil urban sanctuary offers journeys of ritual significance by celebrating Anantara’s focus on indigenous indulgence and reflecting the PuLi Hotel and Spa’s resplendent charm and historic sensuality. 

Five treatment rooms are luxuriously appointed with natural features such as wooden flooring, stone walls and wooden beams, enhanced further by oriental accents and ambient lighting.  Two Double Suites, featuring a steam shower, bathtub, changing area and relaxation seating, are joined by three Single Suites complete with shower, changing and relaxation amenities.

Drawing on China’s healing past, ancient therapies from Thailand and India, as well as the very best in 21st century wellness techniques, Anantara Spa’s extensive menu is inspired by the renowned healing properties of tea – the centuries-old beverage that is woven into the very fabric of Chinese culture. Signature treatments draw from the detoxifying powers of Green Tea, balancing and anti-ageing force of White tea, health-giving properties of Chrysanthemum tea or beautifying properties of Rose Tea.

Discover award winning journeys, inspired by oriental beauty and wellness secrets, at Anantara Spa, The PuLi Hotel and Spa, Shanghai.

About Anantara

For hundreds of years throughout Thailand, people would leave a jar of water outside their house to provide refreshment and extend a welcome to the passing traveller. Anantara is taken from an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘without end’, symbolising this sharing of water and the heartfelt hospitality that lies at the core of every Anantara experience.

From lush jungles to pristine beaches and legendary deserts to cosmopolitan cities, Anantara currently boasts 20 stunning properties located in Thailand, the Maldives, Bali, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and China; with future properties to open in Thailand, China, Laos, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, UAE and Oman.

For more information on Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, please visit .

For Spa Information:

Anantara Spa @ The PuLi Hotel and Spa
3F, 1 ChangDe Road, JingAn District, Shanghai 200040 China
Tel: +86-21-3203-9999 ext. 6899   
Fax +86-21-3251-8950


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Phwoar! Sweaty Armpits Hinder Love Life and Office Life

HONG KONG, Aug. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A new survey conducted by Lightspeed Research on behalf of miraDry® reveals that excessive sweatiness and bad body odour could be significantly impacting the working and social lives of Hongkonger and are likely making the city’s long, hot, humid summers seem unbearable. Underarm sweat, in particular, was found to be a hindrance to romance and even business success by ruining an otherwise ideal image of potential lovers and co-workers. 

Infographics_Hong Kong people are generally bothered by underarm sweating and odour problems.

Infographics_Hong Kong people are generally bothered by underarm sweating and odour problems.


Eighty eight percent of the 300 respondents reported being unsettled by other people’s excessive underarm sweating during the past three weeks, with 77 percent of respondents being troubled by the smell of offending underarms during the same period.

When it comes to love, it is sweaty armpits and the unpleasant aromas that emanate from them that were found to blight romance.  Close to 97 percent of respondents said outbreaks of underarm sweat could make potential partners less appealing and were ranked among the four worst turn-offs on a first date. Women rated underarm odour as their biggest turn off which for men was topped only by bad breath. Dirty fingernails and underarm sweat outbreaks were ranked the third and fourth turn-offs respectively.

Excessively sweaty underarms and their accompanying odours are also turn-offs in the business environment. Over 90 percent of respondents agreed they would have a lesser image of someone’s professionalism if they had underarm sweat outbreaks or odour.

The survey found however that most Hongkongers are attuned to their potential sweating woes although their attempts to thwart them are clearly not always successful. Just over half of respondents reported using sweat-controlling products more than three times a week in summer, and the vast majority — 93 percent  consider the effects of potential excessive underarm sweating when choosing an outfit.

Among respondents, there was also a desire to find solutions for excessive underarm sweating. Their main concerns were that the solutions should be effective (68 percent of respondents), not unduly costly (54 percent), and long lasting (51 percent).

There are different treatments to manage excessive underarm sweating, says Dr. Kingsley Chan. Using antiperspirants, Botulinum toxin (BOTOX) injection, surgery are some of the common treatments.  Each of them has different degrees of efficacy and possible side effects. Recently there’s a new, microwave technology treatment, which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to treat excessive underarm sweating with long lasting effect and patients can return to daily work right after the treatment.

Given these options, people who’ve been plagued by excessive sweating can now face the heat and stress of Hong Kong with confidence  benefitting their personal and working lives, and even enhancing the lives of all those closest to them.

About the survey “How underarm sweating and odour problems affect your social and working life”

The survey is conducted by Lightspeed Research in July 2014 in Hong Kong. Around 300 interviewees aged from 18 to 45 were interviewed through online questionnaire.

About miraDry®

The miraDry procedure  developed by Miramar Labs in California, US  is the first and only FDA cleared and CE-marked non-invasive device for treating excessive underarm sweat that that provides a lasting solution.  It can be performed in a physician office, where the hand piece from the miraDry System is placed on the underarm, delivering precisely controlled energy to the region where the sweat glands reside. The eliminated sweat glands don’t grow back, and there is minimal to no downtime following the procedure. In a recent clinical study, the average sweat reduction was 82 percent.* For further information, please visit

*The effectiveness varies for different people

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NEW YORK, July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — More than 23 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed worldwide in 2013, according to statistics released today by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the leading international society for aesthetic plastic surgery with more than 2,700 board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon members in 95 countries. For the first time, Brazil edges out the United States in terms of the number of surgical procedures performed, and Botulinum Toxin takes the number one position for number of overall cosmetic procedures performed.

Logo –

For the full report of ISAPS statistics along with a press release and a Quick Facts reference guide, click here.

As ISAPS prepares to host its 22nd Biennial Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in September, this new data will spark debate among the surgeons gathering from 75 countries to share new techniques and discuss cutting-edge information about this expanding field.

“Since our last survey was conducted, we have improved our strategy for gathering data based on statistically sound samples,” noted Carlos Uebel, MD, ISAPS president. “This has been an effort on the part of our society to further enhance our survey methodology and make it more comprehensive,” he continued.

The countries that performed the most cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures in 2013 include:

  • United States – 3,996,631 — (17%)
  • Brazil– 2,141,257 — (9.1%)
  • Mexico – 884,353 — (3.8%)
  • Germany – 654,115 — (2.8%)
  • Spain – 447,177 — (1.9%)

The leading cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2013 were:

  • Breast Augmentation — (1,773,584)
  • Liposuction (1,614,031)
  • Blepharoplasty (1,379,263)
  • Lipostructure including lipofilling and stem-enhanced lipofilling (1,053,890)
  • Rhinoplasty (954,423)

The leading nonsurgical procedures performed were:

  • Botulinum Toxin (5,145,189)
  • Fillers and Resorbables (3,089,686)
  • Laser Hair Removal (1,440,252)
  • Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation (1,307,300)
  • Chemical Peel, CO2 resurfacing, dermabrasion (773,442)

Women had more than 20 million cosmetic procedures; 87.2% of the total. The surgical procedures performed most frequently on women in 2013 were:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Lipostructure
  • Breast Lift

Men had more than 3 million cosmetic procedures; 12.8% of the total. The surgical procedures performed the most frequently on men in 2013 were:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Otoplasty

ISAPS’ latest statistics indicate that cosmetic surgery is on the rise on a global scale. Rankings are based solely on those countries from which a sufficient survey response was received and data were considered to be representative.

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