CHENGDU, China, July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The arrival of some elites raised the temperature in the summer of Chengdu. Mr. Robert Wennekes, founder and chairman of the world’s finest private service training institute, The International Butler Academy, together with 10 of his best royal butlers were in Chengdu for the official opening of The International Butler Academy China. This is the academy’s first ever overseas institute in the world. During the opening ceremony, The International Butler Academy shared a piece of good news with their guests the high-end service industry in China, even Asia, will experience a revolutionary change, due to its presence. In the near future, there will be more butlers of royal standard graduating from The International Butler Academy, permeating and infecting Asia with unparalleled service philosophy and quality. The International Butler Academy founder and chairman, Mr. Robert Wennekes, The International Butler Academy China CEO, Mr. Thomas Kaufmann, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Guido Tielmann, The International Butler Academy China partner, Langji Real Estate CEO, Ms. Cai Lingyu, together with over 200 guests (consulate generals, CEOs, local and overseas media) witnessed this historic opening ceremony at InterContinental Hotel, Chengdu Global Center.

Butlers of The International Butler Academy
Butlers of The International Butler Academy

During the ceremony, butlers of royal appointment demonstrated the use of Laurastar, a high-tech ironing system, how to decant a bottle of wine, letting it breathe and develop its real flavors. They also ironed creases out of newspaper for a smudge-free read. And made packing suitcase an art a very thin anti-crease paper was used to protect the clothes, once the employer reached his destination, he could wear it straightaway. The climax was the opening of a champagne bottle. They didn’t do it the usual way, but with a sabre, and a technique called Sabrage. Elegant and full of showmanship, it was introduced by officers of the Napoleon army in the 19th century.

In recent years, due to the huge increase of the rich, the demand of such high caliber butler service went up as well. The International Butler Academy specialized in producing butlers of royal standard. Therefore, The International

Butler Academy’s branding influence and curriculum could totally satisfy the increasing demands of Asian enterprises and private employers. Their students came from various countries US, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Australia, China, Russia, Israel, Iceland, etc. World’s wealthiest families, international enterprises, and five-star hotels sent their staff there for training, or employed their students. The academy founder, Mr. Wennekes, served 5 US presidents (Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton), and various members of the royal families in Asia and Europe. Whilst he was the head butler at the US embassy in Germany, he received the “Exemplary Service” award from the White House. Mr. Wennekes introduced in the opening ceremony, in 1999 he established the International Butler Academy in The Netherlands. Since then he has trained and placed hundreds of butlers with wealthy and many times famous clients from around the world. Today, graduates from their school serve in private and royal households around the world. They also serve in super deluxe five-star hotels and resorts, on mega yachts and world-class cruise ships. They also run a number of property management companies where tenants rely on them for the safety and wellbeing of their family.  When China is mentioned, Mr. Wennekes excitedly expressed, “To me, China cuisine is second to none in the world. Unfortunately, the level of service is not on par with it. So it is my desire to introduce high-end service standard to China, and teach the students the fine art of service.” Mr. Wennekes also said, “I am honored and privileged to be able to bring world-class butler service into China. Our training is very strict and intensive. Our students need to have ability, passion and determination to succeed. With our rigorous training, I wish to provide the service industry with professionals of excellent service skills and stature. Hopefully, this will pave the way for a high level of exquisite etiquette and protocol in China, thus promoting mutual respect which our Chinese customers most value.”

The International Butler Academy China’s inaugural cohort this July was already full with 24 students. It had the same curriculum as the one in Holland. They would learn from teachers of various nationalities, with years of experience as professional butlers, who would assess their skills and knowledge. During the course, besides learning basic service skills like how to serve tea, coffee or soup without spilling, open door for guests, ensure cutlery retain its luster, students would also learn important skills such as how to manage a wardrobe, wash, iron, draw up an inventory list; how to store wine, open wine bottle and serve guests.

When asked “Why Chengdu?” The International Butler Academy China CEO, Mr. Thomas Kaufmann, replied at the opening ceremony, “Chengdu’s rapid development in the past 10 years caught the attention of many countries. I heard there’s even a direct flight from Chengdu to San Francisco. Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, Chengdu is developing very fast, and that makes the people here very open to foreign ideas. And to be a world-class professional butler, you need to break rules and give up old habits. We come to China and begin a journey interacting with this great country, rich in history and mystery. It is my desire that through our service and training, we can integrate the finest western service with the most exquisite oriental cuisine. And let China and Asia truly experience the royal butler service.

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SINGAPORE, July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In a world of rising customer expectations, greater customer choice and increased transparency, businesses are facing fiercer competition.

According to a recent study, 95% of business managers in Asia said customer experience management will be important to their organisation in 2014. 59% of organisations already have a comprehensive CEM programmes in place. Being able to differentiate your company and gain business advantage through CEM has become a truly urgent priority for many businesses.

IQPC is proud to announce the return of the region’s most anticipated event on CEM – 2nd annual Customer Experience Management Asia Summit (

Returning from an incredibly successful launch last year, the summit has been carefully designed to help senior CEM professionals navigate the rapidly evolving Asian customer landscape to build a customer-centric culture, unlock customer insights and new revenue streams with social media and big data, and enhance customer advocacy via integrated omni-channel.

This year, in order to ensure a fruitful discussion, we have included an unprecedented C-level conversation panel, designated B2B/B2C streams, five different themed workshops and interactive roundtable discussions. In addition, you will hear first-hand insights from New York Times bestselling author, Ron Kaufman, and more than 30 global and regional CEM pioneers, such as Donna Peeples, Chief Customer Officer at AIG, Amy Shi-Nash, Chief of Data Scientist

R&D Lab at Singtel, Rimzie Ismail, Head of Customer Affairs & Service Initiatives at Dubai Airport, Anna-Karin Birnik, Head Brand Experience, Standard Chartered Bank and many more.

The technology underpinning the CEM space is another huge area for learning. At the summit, you can update yourself on the latest innovations and benchmark your practices with you regional counterparts.

Do not miss this opportunity to network with international and regional experts, forge new relationships and equip yourself with knowledge and skills to drive CEM and foster long-term success for your organisation.

Registration for Customer Experience Management Asia Summit is now open at The full programme is also available for download. In addition, visitors can access the full speaker list. For further information, contact

Event: 2nd annual Customer Experience Management Asia Summit
Dates: 13-16 October 2014
Venue: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

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