Champassak: Covid-19 prevention attached importance

The Champassak Provincial Health Department has attached importance to Covid-19 control and prevention in the province.

Following the orders of the government, the provincial health department has launched health education campaigns to raise awareness of COVID-19 among local people.

With support from UNICEF, USAID and other international organizations, posters have been distributed to local people with spots broadcast in Lao and ethnic languages by the provincial TV and radio station urging people to observe such preventive measures as handwashing with gels and wearing face masks.

The Centre of Information and Education for Health of the Ministry of Health has also contributed to the containment and preventive measures against COVID-19 in the province.

“Champassak has recorded a relatively large influx of migrant workers returning from Thailand with higher number of COVID-19 infections so most of them were subject to a 14-day quarantine,” Director of the Champassak Provincial Health Department, Dr Vannasay Sattakhoun said on Tuesday.

A few days after a nationwide lockdown was announced by the government, 4,000-5,000 migrant workers returned to the province from neighbouring countries on a daily basis.

Out of this number, 24,000 have completed compulsory 14-day quarantine with nearly 500 migrant workers still put under quarantine at 280 quarantine camps across the province.


Source: Lao News Agency


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