Medical Management

China’s medical team helps contain Covid-19 in Laos

A team of Chinese medical experts and medical supplies arrived at Wattay International Airport in Vientiane on Tuesday afternoon to help prevent and control new spread of Covid-19 virus in the Lao PDR.

The Chinese team was welcomed by Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune where he expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the timely assistance in containing the spread of Covid-19 to the Lao PDR this time and so far, which have shown the Chinese Party, Government and people’s constant concerns and attention for the Party, Government and people of the Lao PDR.

Chinese Ambassador to Laos, Jiang Zhaidong said that China and Laos are a share a common destiny and mutual assistance. Upon learning that Laos was facing new outbreak of the Covit-19 considering a difficult and high-risk period, the Chinese Party, government, as well as a team of Chinese medical experts, have decided immediately to provide timely assistance to the Lao people.

Ambassador added that in response to the Laos’ request, the Chinese government has also provided anti-Covid-19 medical supplies worth 10 million Yuan to Laos.

The medical supplies include face masks, medical suits, test kits and other essential equipment for treatment purposes. While the remaining of medical supplies will arrive in Laos by another charter flight soon.

The Chinese medical team is made up 25 experts in epidemiology, disinfection, laboratory tests, infection control and critical care.

This team will coordinate with the Lao side to plan for the control and treatment, upgrade the medical skills and capacity of the doctors’treatment as well as research and analysis on the epidemic.

Source: Lao News Agency