Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop held

Lao Red Cross and Singapore Red Cross co-organised a Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction workshop, with the support of the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP), at the Laos-Singapore Cooperation Centre.

To create sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty, both the Lao PDR and Singapore share the common conviction that human resource development is critical.

Since 1993, nearly 14,000 Lao officials have benefitted from the training courses and study visits under the SCP.

In June 2019, the newly upgraded LSCC was officially opened, with new facilities to support more training programmes to be held in Vientiane Capital.

Besides offering training courses for Lao government officials, the LSCC also supports Singapore entities in delivering their capacity building programmes in Laos.

The Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction workshop will run from 10 to 14 February 2020 and targets staff of relevant local government departments, local government units (e.g. provincial, city, etc.), and leaders of non-governmental organisations.

Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General / CEO of Singapore Red Cross, shared, Southeast Asia is one of the most disaster-prone regions, hence it is important for us to develop a strong culture of collaboration in disaster response, risk reduction, and preparedness. My hope is for this workshop to strengthen collaborations and partnerships on this very important issue.

Sharing the same sentiments, Amb. Thongphachanh Sonnasinh, Vice-President of Lao Red Cross expressed that Individual countries cannot do much to cope with disasters alone while Laos lacks many things that will enable us to cope with disasters, at least we have friends around that can help us cope with disasters when it surface.

In her welcome speech to the participants, Ambassador Leow Siu Lin, Singapore

Ambassador to the Lao PDR said This programme on community-based disaster risk reduction is particularly relevant for us all. Every country faces different levels of disaster risk and the workshop creates the opportunity for us to learn from one another. We hope that the workshop will equip participants with practical skills that will enable them to design community-based disaster risk reduction programmes that are suitable for their local context..

By the end of the five-day workshop, participants will be equipped with practical skills that will enable them to design community-based disaster risk reduction interventions while taking the local context into consideration.

Source: Lao News Agency