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Cuba to host international forum on African culture

Under the slogan Connected to our roots, the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba will host the 21st International Conference on African and Afro-American Culture from April 12 to 16.

The forum aims to create a space for debate where experts and participants will analyze the imprint of the so-called black continent in Cuban culture and its various artistic manifestations, the website of La Papeleta reported.

Workshops will be held on the imprint of Africa in the analogies, differences, changes and creation process in Cuban music, dance and plastic, scenic and audiovisual arts.

The 3rd Medicine and Culture Symposium will also be held and will be dedicated to the relations between medical and social sciences based on Cuba’s internationalist practice and that of other healthcare organizations that also establish intercultural contacts in this way, according to the source.

The event is sponsored by the Romulo Lachatanere Chair of Afro-Caribbean Studies, the Provincial Directorate of Culture and the University of Oriente, as well as the Fernando Ortiz African Cultural Center.

The Center was founded on July 25, 1988, and aims to promote and disseminate the values of African, Latin American and Caribbean culture, focusing on its most relevant aspects and expressing them from a universal perspective.

Source: Lao News Agency

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