YANGON, Myanmar, Five more private group companies, have signed a cooperation agreement with the state-run Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV), to operate as content providers, for digital free-to-air TV channels, in a multi-play out system of MRTV, it was reported, Sunday.

The five content providers – Mizzima, DVB, Fortune, KMA and My Multi Media, will soon be providing viewers with a wider variety of information, views and entertainment programmes, the report quoted Minister of Information, Pe Myint, as saying.

Noting that private media not only provides information but also educates and entertains, Pe Myint said, at the signing ceremony, on Saturday, that, private media, including the five new content providers, allow the public to obtain more complete information and facts and will in turn benefit the country’s development.

He said, a broadcasting council will be formed, following the amendment of the broadcasting law and related rules.

He urged the five new content providers, to systematically utilise their media freedom and provide information, education and entertainment to the people.

Myanmar now has five TV channels — MRTV, Myawaddy, MRTV-4, Channel-7 and Sky Net, as well as, six FM lines broadcasting from Myanmar Radio.

Source: NAM News Network

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