Furbo, lets you interact with your dog even you are far away from your home

Leverage Furbo to always stay connected with your dog

Each day you come across anything new that can excite you and attract you if you are more into finding the current happenings of the tech world and so far the news which has stunned people so far all across the world, is the launch of Furbo that makes people stay always connected to their dogs, even if they are much far-away from their homes and miss their dogs a lot. Since the launch of Furbo, you will have the ability to constantly keep an eye on your dog and feel that your dog is around you and that also reduce the feeling of missing your lovely pet, without whom you cannot even think to stay for a single minute.

Let’s dig out more about Furbo

Furbo has been created by a startup called Tomofun and that makes you able to interact with your dogs in a nice and charming manner if you are far away from your home. It is also called as a dog camera and that allows you to have an eye on your dog, with also having two-way audio and that enables you to talk to your dog and make your dog feel much less alone and when it comes to more insight of this current project brought by the startup called Tomofun, so you will get surprised to witness that while using Furbo, you may come across notifications that are to tell you that when your dog is barking, Well! It seems much exciting and for the pet lovers it has come out to be the innovation, which is something they needed in order to always feel connected to their pets even if they are out of their homes. If you come across so you will find that there are many startups like Furbo, which consist of pet cameras, but the thing that makes this Furbo stand apart, is its attribute of launching dog treats from the camera.

Remarks of those lucky ones, who tried it

So far people who tried Furbo, have come up with much positive remarks and that also makes us predict its success when it comes to the startups, which are offering similar sorts of features and one of the lucky ones, revealed the experience of using Furbo and manifested that the distinctive element of using Furbo, was to direct Furbo to where to launch the pre-loaded treats through using the Smartphone and it was also much great to watch that dog scurries across the room once the dog came across what is actually happening. Now currently, Furbo is available for a pre-order price of $99 through Tomofun’s Indiegogo campaign, where it has succeeded already to cross its $50,000 target. Keeping the prediction of the success of this Furbo aside, the thing on which people are talking about or thinking about more, is its feature that allows people to play with their dogs even if they cannot touch them physically.