Global Pacific & Partners hosts the annual Asia Oil Week/Asia Upstream Conference from 24-26th September in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Asia’s oil and gas game is moving into new territories, with established producer countries and corporate players eyeing new strategies, and re-discovered frontiers across vast region, from Pakistan to New Zealand.


This Conference highlights diverse upstream ventures, acreage opportunities, changing corporate strategies, investments, oil and energy finance, government policies, oil and gas projects, the service and supply industry, and petroleum direction in the world of the upstream oil, gas-LNG and GTL industry.

With Government Representatives from Philippine National Oil Company, (PNOC Exploration), Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat, Department of Mines & Petroleum, Australia, Resources Division, Geoscience Australia, Canberra.

The Asia Upstream 2014 conference is a landmark event for Asia’s exploration industry. Featuring 24+ senior-level presentations drawn from across Asia and worldwide and bringing together senior executives from Super-Majors, Independents, Government and National Oil Company to interface, network and negotiate deals, whilst showcasing leading corporate players.

Special features include "Harnessing the unconventional hydrocarbon resources in India: Shale Gas & Coal Bed Methane" presented by Dr VK Rao, Senior Vice President & OSD (Oil & Gas), Reliance Natural Resources, Australia’s New Acreage & Licensing presented by Ricard Bruce, Department of Mines & Petroleum, Perth and Australia’s 2014 Offshore Acreage Release, Dr Thomas Bernecker, Resources Division, GeoSciennce Australia, Canberra.

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