Medical Management

Health speeds up COVID-19 vaccination in nationwide

Ministry of Public health authorities are speeding up the vaccination in nationwide to ensure that the Covid-19 vaccine reaches 70% of the population nationwide and 95% of the target group.

The vaccination service point is in the central, provincial, community and sub-district hospital must be open for the daily Covid-19 vaccination service, according to the Centre of Information and Education for Health.

Patients who are hospitalized in the hospital have to vaccinate them before leaving. For pregnant women who come to the health checked at the hospital should be given Covid-19 vaccinated for three month pregnant

Mobile Covid-19 vaccine services need to increase the number of mobile service points in major cities such as shopping centers, schools, homes, markets and bus queues.

This year, vaccination expected tothe target group of age 12 years and older reaching 5.48 million people (approximately 2.74 who have not been vaccinated in 2021); over 1 million of children aged 5-11.

Source: Lao News Agency