Hongsa Power Celebrates International Labour Day

Over 1,200 members of general public and staff of Hongsa Power Company join a passalop dance to mark the 132nd anniversary of International Labour Day, also known as May Day.

The dance event was held at Hongsa district, Xayaboury Province, where the thermal power plant of Hongsa Power Company is located, on May 5.

Present at the dance event were Vice Governor of Xayaboury Province Mr Khamsouk Thor, Director General of Hongsa Power Company Krathayout Xrouphoun, and representatives of local authorities.

Labour Day has its origin dating back to the workers’ uprising on May 1, 1886, when workers around the world gathered in unity to make a stand against the oppression they suffered under their capitalist employers.

Among their calls for change were a reduction in the number of working hours to eight hours a day and the provision of another eight hours a day for study. Their demands were heard and working conditions changed for the better, which has benefited workers ever since that momentous occasion.

Source: Lao News Agency