Huaphan: Bridges, Water Supply Projects Opened for Public Use

Seven bridges built along Road No. 6 A which crosses the Nam Mar River have been opened for public use along with water supply projects in Aed and Xiengkhor districts in Huaphan Province, aiming to boost socio-economic development in the localities.

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith opened these projects in a ceremony held in Huaphan Province in the attendance of senior officials and residents representing the localities.

The seven concrete bridges, each with a width of 7 m and a combined length of 337 metres, have been built at a cost of about 40 billion kip (US$5.77 million). A grant aid making up 70 per cent of the amount was extended by the World Bank and the remainder was an investment of the Lao government.

Construction of the bridges which connect villages in Sobbao and Aed districts began in March 2013.

The bridges have been built on rivers and streams including Nam Luang, Houaykasay, Houayhuang, Houaymob, Houaydik, Houayyong, and Nam Mar.

Participants at the ceremony were told that the bridges would better facilitate the transport of goods and people and thus contribute significantly to reducing poverty in the localities.

Meanwhile, the water supply projects in Xiengkhor and Aed districts were completed as planned. They were built for a cost of around 16 billion kip (US$2.05 million). The Asian Development Bank (ADB) paid 90 per cent of the construction cost leaving the remaining 10% as the responsibility of the Lao government.

It is expected that the water supply facilities will be able to provide a sufficient amount of safe water to local residents in Xiengkhor and Aed districts.

Source: Lao News Agency