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India provides land analysis lab equipment

The Indian government has provided equipment for land and fertilizer analysis laboratory to the Department of Agricultural Land Management, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The handover ceremony was held on Apr 12 with the attendance of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Phet Phomphiphak, India Ambassador to Laos Dinkar Asthana and relevant officials of both sides.

“The total number of soil and fertilizer analysis equipment is 22. They are necessary for soil and fertilizer analysis at our Department of Agricultural Land Management,” said Director of the Department of Agricultural Land Management Nivong Sipaseuth.

The fertilizer laboratory project is one of the three Quick Impact Projects India has undertaken for the Lao PDR under the Mekong-Ganga Cooperation. The project is funded by the government of India at a total cost of 50,000 US dollars.

“This assistance from the government of India is necessary for the clean agricultural development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,” said Minister Phet Phomphiphak.

“I have also known that the government of India has supported 2 other projects including: Project for supporting model families of goat farming in Chaeng village, Thulakhom district, Vientiane Province. Green Cardamom Plantation Promotion Project (Indian Green Cardamom) in Pakxong district, Champassak Province,” added Minister Phet Phomphiphak.

“The Lao PDR is primarily an agricultural economy. India has no doubt about the capability of soil laboratory under the Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALAM). But the re-equipped new laboratory will certainly add to the capability of the laboratory,” said India Ambassador Asthana.

“The land for the project has been provided by the Lao government, the project was slated to be completed in 10 months’ time. Though it has taken some longer time to complete the project mainly due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,” Ambassador Asthana explained.

“I am sure Lao farmers will be able to get good quality bio-fertilizer which would have passed through the testing procedures at the laboratory that has come up under the project. I am told that more than 100,000 farmers will benefit from the project,” added Ambassador.

The Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALAM) was established in 2012. But our soil laboratory was established earlier in 1970, it was primarily under the Department of Rice Paddy Field Management and was constantly evolving until now.

Source: Lao News Agency