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International Conference Held On Health Strategy Transformation

(KPL) The Fondation Pierre Fabre in cooperation with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie(AUF) held its International Observatory Conference on Jul 1 to discuss the transformation of health strategies for the benefit of all, through the strengthening of digital health skills and the implementation of efficient health information systems (HIS).

The day-long conference brought together international experts and projects leaders, representatives of international organizations, ministries, NGOs, healthcare facilities, and industry.

This year, the Foundation chose to reward five initiatives for their hard work. The laureates of the Observatory are using frugal innovation to provide care to populations even in the most isolated areas of the world.

The conference is a unique opportunity to share knowledge, expertise, and in the field experiences, as well as to facilitate dialogue, online or in person, between stakeholders in the e-Health ecosystem and their potential partners.

The day was live streamed and watched at over 15 digital Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie campuses around the world, including Vientiane, so that students, teachers and professionals can follow the debates.

Since the turn of the new century, low and middle-income countries have been adopting digital solutions massively.

In a context where access to healthcare remains a major concern, e-Health tools combining Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and care are of fundamental importance. According to the WHO, digital innovation has the potential to contribute towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Indeed, e-Health can overcome certain barriers like cost, geographical access, lack of quality healthcare and can also expand the range of services available.

Created in 2016, the Global South e-Health Observatory, a Fondation Pierre Fabre initiative, has become a reference platform to connect actors of today and tomorrow who, thanks to innovation, meet the challenges of health access in low- and middle-income countries, right up to the “last mile”. The Observatory’s mission is to identify, document, promote and help develop e-health initiatives that improve access to quality care and medicines for the most disadvantaged populations in resource-limited countries.

In four years, closer to 150 initiatives have been referenced, 29 of which have received one-year technical and financial support.

Source: Lao News Agency