Japan Supports Improving Reading Skills of Children in Thapangthong

The government of Japan has provided grant assistance worth US$516,347 to support improving the reading skills of children and the learning environment as well as the advancement of primary schools in the Lao PDR.

A contract on the grant project was signed at the Japanese Embassy in Vientiane on Nov 28 between Ambassador of Japan to the Lao PDR Takewaka Keizo, and Ms. Miyauchi Mayuko, Project Manager of World Vision Japan (WVJ), a Japanese non-profit organisation.

The grant will fund activities in the first year of the three-year project entitled Improving Reading, Environment and Advancement in Primary School for Children in Thapangthong District.

The project is in its first year and aims to ensure that all children in Thapangthong district, regardless of gender, ethnicity, economic status or disability, can access primary education and improve early literacy.

Thapangthong is one of the most vulnerable districts in the Lao PDR where, poverty, geographic remoteness as well as ethnicity can negatively impact cognitive skills and language readiness of many children.

WVJ will provide teacher training sessions to enhance literacy instruction, support the schools to procure equipment required for proper sanitation, and guide parents and communities to support children to improve their reading skills in order to contribute to the essential components of quality education in village schools in Thapangthong.

Source: Lao News Agency