Japan supports Mine Risk Education in Xieng Khuang

The Government of Japan has decided to provide grant assistance worth USD 118,000 for Mine Risk Education (MRE), vocational training and income generation for socio-economically vulnerable people in Xieng Khuang.

The grant contract was signed on Oct 28 between Mr. Iwampto Keiichi, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy, and Mr. Iimura Hiroshi, Representative of Terra Renaissance Laos Office, a Japanese non-profit organisation.

The grant will fund activities for the twelve-month “UXO Risk Education and Economic Support Project”.

The project aims to help MRE to prevent children between 3 and 5 years of age from being injured in UXO accidents.

Additionally, it will offer livelihood support for their family members through vocational training and sales support of their sewing and agricultural products. This will assist the poorest and most socio-economically vulnerable children living in Xieng Khuang who are in particular need of support.

Through this project they will have the opportunity to receive higher education. This project commenced in March 2020 and is intended to finish in October 2022.

Terra Renaissance has been active in the Lao PDR since 2009. The organization has implemented many projects to empower people living in UXO hazardous areas, in collaboration with the Government of Japan. Through their activities, Terra Renaissance has contributed to improving the living conditions of these people.



Source: Lao News Agency


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