Journalists visit China’s Anhui

(KPL) Thirteen reporters of mainstream media from the ASEAN member states of Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore, and non-ASEAN countries namely Belarus, Ireland, Ukraine and China are visiting Anhui province, China.

Scheduled for Nov 24-29, the trip is bringing the journalists to three of the province’s cities including Hefei, Anqing and Huangshan.

Addressing a welcome ceremony for the journalists on Nov 24 in Hefei, Chief-Director of Information Office of Anhui Provincial People’s Government, Mr Zheng Mingwu said that the trip aims to promote Anhui’s implementation of new development, innovation, economic, trade and cultural exchanges between Anhui and multinational new media, and to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of People’s Republic of China.

Source: Lao News Agency