Lanexang train arrives in Vientiane, handed over to Lao government

Lanexang train, named after Laos’ former name Lanexang Kingdom, arrived in Vientiane this morning with the handover of the electric multiple unit (EMU) held at Vientiane Station, the largest station of the Laos-China Railway.

It will have test run and technical inspection before it is confirmed fit for actual traffic.

It is expected to be launched for public use on December 2 in celebrating the 46th founding anniversary of the Lao PDR.

The handover of the train took place between Chinese Ambassador to the Lao PDR Jiang Zaidong and Minister of Public Works and Transport Viengsavanh Siphandone in the presence of representatives of relevant authorities of Laos and China.

Capable of traveling up to 160 km/h, the train has nine carriages including one motor car, one first class passenger car, one restaurant car and six second class cars.

Equipped with 720 seats, it can be connected with another train to form a longer one as needed.

“The Lao government has obviously scheduled the railway to be launched on the coming National Day December 2, 2021. This EMU “Lanexang” train which has just been successfully handed over demonstrates that the Laos-China Railway construction project has entered dynamic inspection and approval phase which is a crucial stage, and finally, the Laos-China Railway will enter operational stage. This will signify that the Lao PDR is entering the era of rail transport. The Lao people will have new era of transport revolution,” said Minister Viengsavanh.

Source: Lao News Agency

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