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Lanexang United Withdrawals from Competitions in 2017

The Lanexang United Football Club has regretfully announced its formal withdrawal from the 2017 Lao Premier League and 2017 AFC Cup competitions, effective immediately.

The club has been left in an unfortunate position subsequent to the official withdrawal of eight football clubs from the Lao Premier League competition for 2017. The potential six team Premier League competition in Laos for 2017 has been rendered commercially unviable and as a result, and Lanexang United has been forced to withdraw.

Our sponsors have also withdrawn their support for the club based on the dire situation of the upcoming domestic league for 2017, according to a post by Lanexang United on Facebook that went viral on January 22.

Further, our club has recently been faced with allegations that contract players have been involved in the manipulation of professional football matches. We unequivocally refute any allegations that Lanexang United is involved in any such conduct.

Our withdrawal from all major competitions for 2017 is a further sign of our support to relevant authorities in finalising their investigation without the involvement of our club in any official competitions.

We take this stance to await formal and legal proceedings in relation to match manipulation before our club is prepared to enter AFC sanctioned tournaments.

We also await the response from the Lao Football Federation in relation to the significant withdrawal of football clubs from the domestic league.

Source: Lao News Agency