Lao-Asean Hospital Prepares to Register on Lao Securities Exchange

KPL) Lao-Asean Hospital, a private hospital in Laos, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lanexang Securities Public Company to secure its registration at the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX).

The MoU was signed in Vientiane on March 29 between the Director General of Lao-Asean Hospital, Ms Manochay Thiengthepvongsa, and the General Director of Lanexang Securities Public Company, Mr Sounthone Sinthapaseuth.

We have planned to raise funds at the stock market by selling Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) to upgrade health services at our hospital in the future so that we can provide services of international standard to patients, said Ms Manochay.

She said the funds raised through LSX will be spent on human resource development to ensure health workers working at the Lao-Asean Hospital are competent so that they can provide better medical services to patients and acquire modern technologies to ensure the hospital can provide services that meet international standards and make it well-known among the locals.

If the hospital is listed on the stock market, it will be the first in the health industry to be listed on the LSX. Meanwhile, its registration will provide another opportunity for investors to make investments, said Mr Sounthone.

There are five companies currently listed on the stock market, namely Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL), EDL-Generation Public Company (EDL-Gen), Lao World Public Company, Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company, and Souvanny Home Center Public Company.

Source: Lao News Agency