Lao Customers Have 15% Share of Thailand’s Bounthavone Ceramic

Boonthavorn Ceramic Company, a leading construction material supplier in Thailand has been attracting more Lao customers as they now represent 15% of its customers.

Boonthavorn Ceramic opened its eleventh branch in Udon Thani, Thailand on the 11th of March, 2017.

“Boonthavorn Ceramic branch has been built on 40 ha at a cost of 1.5 billion Baht (USD 42.5 million). It is divided into five zones: ceramic, kitchen studio, DIY, lifestyle furniture and lighting center,” said Mr. Wiwat Thayanuwat, Vice Chairman of Boonthavorn Ceramic.

“Udon Thani, Thailand has economic growth and it would be attracting more customers from the neighboring countries, particularly from Laos,” said the Chairman of Boonthavorn Ceramic, Mr. Sompong Daopiset.

Boonthavorn Ceramic has enjoyed a rapid growth from a family-run business decades ago to a promising public company today. It currently operates 10 branches, all in Thailand, with its Udon Thani branch offering as many as 30,000 brand models.

Source: Lao News Agency