Lao PDR Preparedness: Warehouse Management Training


The warehouse management training was developed in context to the Lao PDR Government’s needs and capacity. Stock forms, an electronic stock record, and warehouse manuals were created by the project in collaboration with MLSW, and in accordance with their knowledge levels and approval processes.The training was held over two days in Vientiane Capital, one theory day at the Crown Plaza hotel, and one practical day in the MLSW relief item warehouse.And delivered by Alan Johnson, RedR Australia regional coordinator/trainer; Patricia Thornhill, GLC Logistics Preparedness Expert; and supported by WFP logistics staff. Participants included 7 MLSW national staff, 19 PLSW staff-one from each Province �2 staff from Attapeu where there is a large warehouse, and 2 Lao Red Cross national staff. MLSW invited Lao Red Cross so that they get familiar with their procedures in case they were required to assist directly. Out of 30 participants, 6 were female.Up until the training, MLSW had no records of the stock that had been distributed from the warehouses to the beneficiaries, nor up to date records of what stock was in their warehouses. The importance of the training was reflected by the Director General of MLSW; and Country Director of WFP, who opened the training. The purpose of the training was to train participants and implement the newly designed warehouse management system and do a clean-up and real time stock inventory of the warehouse recorded in the system.

Source: World Food Programme, Logistics Cluster