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Lao Product Branding For World Market Discussed

The National Chamber of Industry and Commerce on May 7 in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme held a meeting to discuss Lao product branding to promote access to world market thus ensuring sustainable incomes for Lao products.

The meeting saw the participation of representatives of well-known companies from England, government sectors, international organisations, National University of Laos, tourism industry and business community.

This meeting is held to promote the sharing of how to brand Lao products to make sure Lao brands can access high level markets namely EU, USA or other countries. Nowadays, the Lao product is yet to penetrate these markets effectively. Therefore if we can penetrate these markets our national revenues will increase as a result, and we will have sustainable incomes, said President of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oudeth Souvannavong who added that the focus of Lao branding efforts will be agricultural industry, tourism, handicraft, and small and medium industries with competitive potentials.

The chamber of Commerce and Industry is considering what kinds of products worth exporting overseas.

The chamber has recently indentified some products in agriculture and handicraft sectors namely coffee, tea, khao kai noy (traditional rice only grown in Xieng Khuang and Houaphan), silk, and cultural and natural tourism.

Source: Lao News Agency