Laos, Cambodia Withdraw Troops From Disputed Area

Laos and Cambodia have withdrawn troops from the disputed border area located at E 0523410, N 1579776 in Mounlapamok district, Champassak province.

The withdrawal complied with the minutes of a meeting held on Aug 27 at the Don Khamao Traditional Border Checkpoint in Khong district, Champassak province.

The troop withdrawal was observed and inspected by Lt. Col. Khamhao Vongphom, Director of Warfare Division, Champassak Provincial Military Headquarters, Lao People’s Army, and Col. Yang Suphat, Deputy Commander, Brigade No. 9, Cambodian Army.

The withdrawal was conducted peacefully and officially between 8:00 and 11:00 on Aug 29, 2019.

The disputed area is located between Mounlapamok district, Champassak province of Laos and Chom Kasan district, Cambodia’s Preah Vihear province.

Source: Lao News Agency