Laos, India hold seminar on Buddhist linkages

The Lao Front for National Development in cooperation with the Indian embassy to the Lao PDR organized a Buddhist Seminar themed: “Buddhist Linkages Between Laos and India” for celebrating the 65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Laos and India on Mar 12 in Vientiane.

The seminar is very meaningful and important, especially to increase the understanding of the history of Buddhism in Laos and respect for Buddhism among the Lao and Indian people. It also strengthens the long-standing Lao-Indian diplomatic relations on the occasion of the 65th anniversary in 2021.

President of Lao Front for National Development Xaysomphone Phomvihane, President of Lao-India Friendship Association Bountiem Phissamay and Most Venerable Phra Damrong Phimmajak as well as relevant officials attended the event.

“Looking back on our Lao Front for National Development, which was established on August 13,1950 and its 71st year in 2021. The Lao Front for National Development has the main role of being a flag bearer for the unity of the multi-ethnic Lao people in the mission to fight to rescue national in the past, as well as the mission to protect and develop the nation now,”said Vice President of the Lao Front for National Development Khambai Damlath.

“The Lao Front for National Development continues to promote, educate, encourage, and strengthen the rights of the multi-ethnic Lao people in implementing guidelines, policies, constitutions, laws and national socio-economic development plans from time to time, contributing to the preservation and enhancement of patriotic and cultural heritage,” he mentioned.

Besides, It has also strengthened people-to-people diplomatic relations, established friendly relations and cooperation between the multi-ethnic Lao people and the people of other countries in the region and the globe.

I strongly believe that joining this activity between the Lao Front for National Development and the Embassy of India to the Lao PDR will strengthen the diplomatic relations between Laos and India, as well as strengthen the diplomatic relations between the Lao and Indian peoples.

“India and Laos share long-standing religious, cultural and people-to-people linkages going back into long history. Diplomatic relations between the two countries, as modern sovereign nation-states, were established in 1956 and they have exchanged several high-level visitors over decades, ” said Mr Dinkar Asthana, Ambassador of the Embassy of India to Laos.

As we all know, Buddhism gradually spread to East Asia and Southeast Asia with the passage of time, but it also saw some changes in practices followed by its followers in different parts of the world. And while Indian influence in China was mostly Buddhist.

“Today, Buddhism remains the religion of the majority in Laos and some neighbouring South East Asian countries, but the underlying influence of Hinduism remains visible. To see this very clearly in Laos, you should visit Vat Phou in Champassak,” Ambassador mentioned.

“I am happy to note that the Government of India has undertaken many worth-mentioning measures to promote the places linked with the life of Mahatma Buddha – like Kushinagar, Sarnath, Bodhgaya, Vaishali, Lumbini, Kaushambi and Bodh Gaya,” added Ambassador Dinkar Asthana.

Source: Lao News Agency

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