Laos records a trade deficit of US$131 million in November

The Lao PDR’s international trade volume for November reached US$912 million with exports valued at US$390 million and imports estimated at US$521 million, according to the Department of Import-Export, Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

November’s exports were dominated by gold bars US$43 million, latex US$32 million, copper ores US$23 million, banana US$15 million, garments US$12 million, copper products US$11 million, and coffee beans US$9 million.

Meanwhile, the imports included fuel US$63 million, auto parts US$62 million, vehicles US$39 million (excluding motorcycles and tractors), and machinery US$33 million.

China ranked the largest export market for the Lao PDR with exports to the country valued at US$134 million, followed by Vietnam US$99 million, Thailand US$65 million, India US$14 million and Japan US$7 million.

Meanwhile, Thailand became the largest import market with imports from the country estimated at US$253 million, followed by China US$138 million, Vietnam US$50 million, and the United States US$17 million.

Source: Lao News Agency

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