Laos, Thailand meet on what Lao workers have to pay

Lao and Thai authorities met on Jan 11 to discuss costs and fees Lao migrant workers need to pay when seeking jobs in Thailand during Covid-19.

The authorities of the two countries agreed that Lao migrant workers are required to pay THB2,000 (approx LAK675,000) for a 2-year visa, THB1,900 (LAK642,000) for a two-year work permit, THB500 (LAK168,000) for medical examination, THB3200 (LAK1.08 million) for two-year health insurance, and THB50 (LAK16,800) for vaccination.

Employment companies are required to use the official charge rate.

“Currently, illegal brokers are luring Lao workers into working in Thailand as some Thai employers still employ illegal workers. Illegal migration into Thailand for employment purposes has put workers at risk of paying more than usual and being deceived and falling victim to human trafficking,” said Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Phongsaysak Inthalath.

Source: Lao News Agency