Lawmakers Consider Law on International Conventions and Treaties

A new draft Law on International Conventions and Treaties was presented at the ongoing 3rd Ordinary Session of the National Assembly on Monday by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Saleumxay Kommasith on Monday, May 8.

Lawmakers brainstormed the law as Minister Saleumxay said it stated principles, rules, and measures on making and implementing international conventions and treaties to ensure the management of international conventions and treaty affairs is universal in the country, thus contributing to the implementation of the foreign policy of the Lao PDR and its integration into regional and international communities.

This law will be a tool for relevant sectors and authorities to use across the country to ensure state regulation of foreign affairs in the Lao PDR, facilitate the implementing of conventions the Lao PDR has signed as a member state, ensure domestic laws are aligned with international conventions and support the implementation of foreign policy and other policies of the Lao PDR, said Mr Saleumxay.

It will also contribute to strengthening people’s democratic regimes, State Rule of Law, enhance external cooperation with the international community, attract foreign investment and promote national integration into the regional and international arenas, Mr Saleumxay added.

The new law comprises 8 parts, 23 chapters and 136 articles.

As of now, the implementation of international convention affairs is based on Presidential Decree No 01/SP, dated Oct 7, 2009 on making, joining and implementing international conventions. However, as for the implementation of international treaties, there have been no legal instruments to be used as a reference.

Currently, Laos is party to about 900 conventions of both bilateral and multilateral frameworks. These serve as a legal framework for Laos’ external cooperation and help raise the role of the Lao PDR in the regional and international arenas, added Mr Saleumxay.

Source: Lao News Agency