Locust Population Plagues Pakbang

Twenty villages of Pakbeng district in Luang Prabang Province are facing plagues of locust populations, with over 260 ha of cash crops in the district reported as being infested by the insects.

“A recent survey shows that the locusts are now laying eggs in eight villages, affecting about 7,000 ha,” said Director of Pakbang Agriculture Department, Mr Phonxay Vannadeth.

The worst hit areas were rice fields, maize and other kinds of cash crops bearing green leaves including bamboo and bananas.

Over hundred hectares of bamboo, cash crops, upland rice and maize were destroyed by locust infestations last year in the provinces of Huaphan and Xieng Khuang.

Last year, authorities of Ngoy district in Luang Prabang Province spent more than 100 million kip (over US$12,000) to buy chemicals to kill the locusts that have been destroying cash crops in 92 locations in 30 villages.

The department has also exerted control and preventive measures against the invading locust populations. These include imposing a ban on moving live locusts outside of the infested areas.

Source: Lao News Agency

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