Luang Prabang Confirms Sufficient Electricity to Supply Laos-China Railway

The branch of Electricite du Laos in Luang Prabang Province has confirmed that the electricity generated in the province will be adequate for the Laos-China Railway Construction Project.

To ensure the accuracy of the statement, Luang Prabang Electricite du Laos dispatched a team of technical officials to monitor the Laos-China Railway Construction Project which was officially launched on December 25 in Luang Prabang Province.

Head of the Electricite du Laos branch in Luang Prabang Province, Mr Fongpaserth Phetsisouk said on December 29 that the Laos-China Railway Construction in Luang Prabang Province will stretch a total of 80 km. The first section of construction, which stretches 40 km from Oudomxay to Luang Prabang Province, is being undertaken by the China Railway No.8 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and will require 11 megawatts of electricity for the construction work.

The second section will run a similar distance from the Luang Prabang station to Kasy district, Vientiane Province and will require a higher amount of electricity than the first section, amounting to 30 megawatts. This part of the project will require the construction of a new substation to access to the construction areas, Mr Fongpaserth said.

Source: Lao News Agency