LXML Sepon supports Government in combating COVID-19

This month, Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) Sepon Mine handed over US$100,000 to the government – US$50,000 to the Ministry of Planning and Investment and US$50,000 to the Ministry of Health – to support efforts in tackling COVID-19 and in reviving the economy from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lao PDR has so far contained the pandemic in the country, yet it has not been immune from the global economic downturn.

“As the country progresses in loosening restrictions and reopening the economy, LXML’s financial contribution aims to support efforts of the investment and health sector during this crucial juncture to keep both the people healthy and safe from COVID-19, and the private sector up and running amid the COVID-19,” said Paul Harris, General Manager of LXML.

To date, LXML have supported nearly US$170,000 to Vilabouly, where the Sepon Mine is located, Savannakhet, and the Lao PDR.

In May and April, LXML fast-tracked its support to Vilabouly district and Savannakhet Province, by providing medical equipment and supplies that comprised medical masks, temperature scanners, hand gels, electric sprayers, and disinfectant liquids. These supplies were distributed to health workers and people of Vilabouly district and Savannakhet province for them to be well equipped and ready to handle and respond to risks related to the COVID-19 infection.

Back in February 2020 – two months after the COVID-19 quickly spread across China and over twenty countries across the globe, LXML handed over a financial contribution of US$15,000 to the Ministry of Energy and Mines. That contribution was pooled into the fund jointly raised by the Laos-China Friendship Association and Vientiane Administration Office to assist victims of the COVID-19 in China.

As the COVID-19 unfolds, LXML will work closely with the government to find arenas where it can best support and cooperate in the fight against COVID-19 in the country.


Source: Lao News Agency


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