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Medical teams ready to serve NA election: Minister of Health

Minster of Health Bounkong Sihalath has confirmed the preparedness of medical workers to provide medical services during the general election of the National Assembly and provincial/Vientiane people’s councils scheduled for Feb 21, 2021.

Medical teams have been formed to be stationed at district and polling station levels across the country, according to Minister Bounkong.

“At the moment, the Ministry of Health is beginning to distribute personal protective equipment –PPE- to provinces including face masks and hand gels. As for central level, we have prepared several hundreds of medical personnel for polling stations,” Minister Bounkong told the media on Jan 27.

“Medical workers shall realize that this election is of great importance. They have responsibility to serve and once having cast their votes, they have to urge their family to go voting contributing to the election,” said the minister.

Source: Lao News Agency