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Mehriban Aliyeva: To forgive people means to give them new path in life

Based on the most valuable traditions of humanism in Azerbaijan, the country’s first lady, president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, MP Mehriban Aliyeva has proposed to announce an amnesty on the occasion of the Republic Day (May 28).

Mehriban Aliyeva was delivering a speech May 20 in the parliament of Azerbaijan on the amnesty issue on the occasion of the Republic Day.

Nearly 30,000 convicts have been exempted from various types of penalty since 2007 based on amnesty acts adopted on the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, said the first lady of Azerbaijan.

Mehriban Aliyeva expressed deep gratitude to her colleagues in the parliament who supported the initiative of the Foundation in 2007, 2009 and 2013, and thus granted freedom to thousands of people.

She noted that during its 12-year activity, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has earned a lot of respect and trust both in Azerbaijan and abroad.

“In its every step, each activity, the Foundation is guided by the ideas of humanism and philanthropy, it always tries to help the people in need of care and help,” Azerbaijan’s first lady said. “It is no coincidence that the people who appeal us today regard the Heydar Aliyev Foundation as the last destination of hope, and we have always tried to justify that hope.”

“Today, the greatest hope of thousands of compatriots deprived of freedom is to be released, to join their families and to establish a normal life,” Mehriban Aliyeva said. “To forgive them, to give them a new chance means to give them a different path in life, where there is no place for crime, a new way in life built on the principles of respect for the law. Everyone who has committed a crime should surely realize his mistakes and avoid making them in the future.”

“At the same time, our state, our society and each of us should help the released people in establishing their normal lifestyle,” said the first lady.

“Dear colleagues, according to the draft amnesty act, all persons who were convicted of the crimes not posing great public danger, will be exempt from serving their sentences,” she said.

Moreover, women, non-adults, disabled persons, the elderly and old-aged persons who have non-adults or disabled children in their custody and people from some other categories, convicted of some types of crimes, will be released, Mehriban Aliyeva added.

“I would like to especially bring to your attention that the amnesty act will apply to those who participated in the fights for Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and protecting its territorial integrity, as well as the close relatives of those who were killed or went missing in those fights,” said the first lady.

Furthermore, the act of pardon will apply to those sentenced to correctional labor, community service and fine penalties, Mehriban Aliyeva said.

“In general, it is expected that 10,000 prisoners will be pardoned and around 3,500 of them will be released from detention facilities,” she emphasized.

Azerbaijan’s first lady noted that such feelings as mercy, philanthropy, and care should be uppermost in every society.

If state structures and civil society build their life, their activities namely on the basis of these principles, then it can be called a developed and successful society, according to Mehriban Aliyeva.

“Mercy is not only about lending a helping hand to those who are in difficult situation, it sometimes requires making difficult and responsible decisions,” she said.

“People, who made a mistake once, have the right to be pardoned. Today, we should give them a chance to regain their place in the society and live a decent life,” the first lady added.

“I am confident that the amnesty act will once again show the power of Azerbaijan,” said Aliyeva. “I hope that those who are to be pardoned will use their chance to become decent citizens of our society.”

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