Messer’s Combustion Technology Helps Improve Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

SHANGHAI, Aug. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Messer, the German expert in oxy-fuel combustion technology, has recently signed contracts with more than 10 manufacturers in the fields of glass, scrap copper, frit and rockwool to provide its oxy-fuel solution. The tailor-made solution helps to reduce fuel consumption as well as to significantly decrease emissions.

With the Chinese government continuously tightening the policies on energy efficiency and emission reductions, manufacturers are facing big challenges and require cost efficient solutions. Messer’s oxy-fuel solution utilizes oxygen firing to replace conventional air firing, bringing the customers considerable environment and economic benefits.

CDGM Glass Co., Ltd., one of the largest optical glass manufacturers in China, has adopted Messer’s technology to improve its furnace combustion technology, resulting in a 60 percent reduction in fuel consumption. Chengdu Yingfeng Copper Co., Ltd. , a leader in scrap copper recycling in Sichuan province, not only reduced its energy consumption by 60 percent but also decreased its exhaust emissions by up to 80 percent with Messer’s oxy-fuel technology. In the frit field, Messer helped Lifa Frit Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known frit manufacturer in Hunan province, to achieve a 50 percent saving in fuel consumption as well as an 85 percent reduction in exhaust emissions.

"Messer’s patented oxy-fuel burner is an advantage that our customers are interested," said Davor Spoljaric, Application Director of Messer Group, Metallurgy and Combustion. "Compared with our competitors, Messer’s burner is tailored case-by-case according to the different products and different furnaces of the customers. The special flame of the burner can not only help to save energy but also protect the inner wall of the furnace. In addition, the controlling system is designed based on the European safety standards and years of practice. It proves to be safe, reliable and easy to operate."

Messer, with a rich history of more than 100 years of expertise in industrial gas, has dedicated in combustion technology for dozens of years. In its R&D centre for metallurgy and combustion technology in Austria, Messer is continuously improving its application technologies according to the customers’ needs. In each customer case in China, Messer’s Chinese technical team cooperates closely with its European experts to provide a complete solution, including the project planning, computational simulation, commissioning and optimization, maintenance and training.

About Messer

Messer is one of the leading industrial gas companies. Messer employs around 5,400 people in over 60 locations in more than 30 countries. Messer started investing in China in the middle of 1990s and so far has 22 companies located in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan provinces with a total investment of $1,000 million. Headquartered in Shanghai, Messer China has nearly 2,000 employees. The steady and successful developments have allowed Messer to join the ranks of the major foreign industrial gas providers in China. From acetylene to xenon, the Messer Group has one of the most diverse product portfolios on the market – it produces industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, shielding gases for welding, specialty gases, medical gases and many different gas mixtures.

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