Mobile Network Operators Struggle to Prepare for 5G

Infovista survey at MWC 2019 shows only 1 in 4 MNOs feel extremely prepared for 5G, lists top concerns and challenges

ASHBURN, Va., April 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new survey from Infovista, the leader in modern network performance, finds that only 25 percent of mobile network operators say they are extremely prepared for 5G, citing as their top concerns making sure their 5G network works correctly, the rollout stays within budgets, not being late to market and that the network meets subscriber needs. The survey also found that even fewer vendors who work with Mobile World Operators (MNOs) (just 1 in 6) feel MNOs are extremely prepared for 5G.

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Infovista conducted the survey at MWC 2019 in Barcelona in February. The survey polled 145 attendees including MNOs, companies that work with MNOs and enterprises looking to adopt 5G networks. Respondents came from 22 countries.

“Rolling out a new 5G network is a complex endeavor,” says Adrian Jakobsson, Sr. VP of Strategy at Infovista. “The penalties for failure — being late to market or not meeting network goals – are extreme. We’re not surprised to see so much concern amongst MNOs.”


5G Brings Challenges for MNOs
5G has great potential, but it also brings challenges. The biggest challenges MNOs say they are facing as they work to roll out their 5G networks include the following:

  • Planning & optimizing the radio access network
  • Setting-up efficient operations
  • Planning & optimizing microwave and backhaul networks
  • Network testing, troubleshooting and optimizing the 5G networks once it is rolled out
  • Densifying the networks

5G is Important to Enterprises
5G capabilities should make end users’ lives easier, enhance business communications and expand IoT’s potential. Two-thirds of enterprises surveyed report 5G is somewhat to extremely important to their futures. The top applications reported for 5G include the following:

  • Collecting data from IoT devices
  • Sensors and IoT
  • Smart homes
  • Industrial IoT

Enterprises also report the most important markets for 5G include:

  • Media, entertainment or gaming
  • Automotive
  • Public safety
  • Retail

Enterprises Expect Their MNOs to Keep-up
Once 5G arrives, 3 in 4 enterprises responded that it’s important for their MNO to fully support the 5G standard. MNO respondents understand the importance of delivering 5G services with 4 in 5 MNOs reporting that 5G is somewhat to extremely important to their future. In addition, MNOs report the top reasons for pursuing 5G include the following:

  • Addressing “over-the-top” issues
  • Increasing market share
  • Adding new billable services

Keys for Success
For 5G to thrive, it is important for MNOs to take the following steps:

  • Make the right decisions for 5G investment, including adopting data-driven processes
  • Focus on increasing your efficiency across the board to increase network agility
  • Guarantee a powerful customer experience by leveraging network data and predictive methodologies
  • Exploit the high potential of 5G to generate new revenues (new verticals)

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