Muang Ngoi ready to welcome domestic and foreign visitors

As the government is going to open the country to visitors on January 1, 2022, tourist attractions in Muang Ngoi, Luang Prabang Province have been made ready for domestic and foreign visitors to explore.

Favourite destinations in Muang Ngoi include Pha Chom Nang, Pha Daeng Peak, Pha Thok Cave, Phak Wang, and boat cruising on the Nam Ou River, among others.

“Pha Chom Nang is 100% ready to welcome visitors, especially its viewpoint, services with hygienic measures put in place to prevent Covid-19 spread,” said Mr. Ken Thongvilaisan, developer of Pha Chom Nang tourist site.

“In order to welcome visitors, we have made ready our services as well as anti-Covid-19 measures to ensure the safety of our visitors,” said Mr. Tuy Sihalat, owner of Mesing De Nong Khiew Resort.

Muang Ngoi is located about three hours drive from Luang Prabang City. It is a historical, cultural and natural destination for many domestic and foreign visitors.

Source: Lao News Agency

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