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Oudomxay to Further Develop Tourist Sites to Boost Economic Growth

Oudomxay Province has set an ambitious plan to develop its provincial tourist sites in an attempt to boost economic growth.

The tourist sector is deemed a significant driver of the socio-economic growth and development in Oudomxay. Oudomxay authorities have therefore paid close attention to the renovation and development of tourist sites in the province. Presently, there are 106 tourist sites entire the province.

A report by the Oudomxay Tourist Division shows that the number of developed tourist sites has constantly increased, thanks to the provincial leading officials giving this sector top priority to spur economic growth.

This is thanks to the income generated from domestic and overseas tourists who travelled to and stayed in the province, amounting to several million US dollars per year, according to a recent report by the Oudomxay Tourist Division.

The 106 tourist sites in Oudomxay Province are divided into three categories: 54 ecotourism sites, 40 cultural sites and 12 historical sites. All of them are scattered in Xay municipality and among six districts across the province.

Each site has its own beauty, unique characteristics and reputation that attract both domestic and foreign tourists. Some of the popular tourist destinations are Namkat waterfall, Chong cave in Xay district, Tad Talae waterfall, Houn district, Singkham Buddha Image temple in La district and Phou Tha temple in Xay district.

However, the development of tourist work as well as the existing and ongoing survey of tourist sites in the province to offer impressive experiences to tourists must be continued until now to 2020 and 2030 vision.

Source: Lao News Agency