Over 1,200 people travelling through Laos-China Border Gate in Boten

Over 1,200 people have travelled through the Laos-China International Border Gate in Boten, Luang Namtha between Jan 8-11.

Since the official reopening of China borders on Jan 8, more than 420 people have travelled from China to Laos and 850 people from Laos to China through the international border gate as of Jan 11.

Lt. Col. Viengvilay Sawaivanh, Chief Immigration Officer at the border gate, said that the number of people traveling through the international border gate began to increase after China re-opened its borders with Laos on January 8, but most of them were Chinese people returning to their homeland to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families.

In the initial stage of China’s reopening, neither Lao citizens nor foreigners with tourist visas can enter the Republic of China.

“Currently, China is in the initial stage of its reopening and is preparing for Chinese New Year celebration, so there are not as many Chinese people visiting Laos as expected,” said Lt. Col. Viengvilay Sawaivanh. “It is expected that more Chinese people will visit Laos after the lunar New Year celebration is over, so our border gate has made preparations to make sure we can better handle the movement of people to and from the country.”

Source: Lao News Agency

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