Perfect World Completes 2014 ChinaJoy Successfully

BEIJING, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The 12th ChinaJoy was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 31 to August 3. Preeminent game developers, leading media organizations and a large number of players came from the four corners of the globe to gather at the four-day game event.

As one of the major exhibitors at previous ChinaJoy exhibitions, Perfect World shared dozens of selected games with players under the theme of "HiFuture!". The games included the super popular user-end games DOTA2 and Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO, the mobile games Return of the Condor Heroes and Forsaken World, the web game God of Destruction of Ice and Fire and the console gameNeverwinter Online, providing players worldwide with an unmatchable fun experience.

CEO Xiao Hong takes a photo with the robot while attending the opening ceremony of 2014 ChinaJoy

CEO Xiao Hong takes a photo with the robot while attending the opening ceremony of 2014 ChinaJoy

While attending this year’s Chinajoy, Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong said that the game sector will converge with several other sectors including education, healthcare, cinema, television and finance in the future. Attitudes towards games will evolve as the games come to represent a healthy outlook on life.

This year, the Perfect World "HiFuture!" theme focused on building a new exhibition hall with a futuristic concept, installing many devices with pioneering technologies. In addition, the game developer incorporated its classic game elements into the hall, in a move to provide players with a new entertainment experience. 

A number of settings within the exhibition area provide novel experiences for visitors, including the panoramic game slideshow, fogscreen projection and dancing robots.

Perfect World also built an area that included an interesting backdrop simulating the scenes in several popular games for the taking of group photos and a game equipment interactive zone for players. In addition, additional settings include themed walls for picture-taking, a ten-year retrospective mural and a rotating handprint will, all of which are highly popular with visitors.

Perfect World Welcomes Numerous Players

Perfect World Welcomes Numerous Players

With the addition of several new and long awaited games, the experience zone became the most popular gathering place in the entire N3 hall. During the four-day exhibition, the demonstration exhibition zone was the place where players from around the world wanted to be as it fulfilled the expectations of what players wanted in the new games. Games on offer in the zone were a testament to the endless enthusiasm that players have for the games, with no boundaries to a wide range of players who seek to partake of a new entertainment experience.

Between July 31 and August 3, Perfect World exhibited several new sophisticated games and peripheral products while delivering a new entertainment experience to visitors. To meet the expectations of players from around the world, the company will remain committed to its global best quality strategy and to a more exciting entertainment experience as it moves the gaming experience into new sectors, driving the convergence of traditional and gaming industries and offering an entertainment experience that is accessible to each and all, no matter where they are located in the world.

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