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PM Urges Strengthened Party’s Leadership Role in Home Affairs

Prime Minister ThonglounSisoulith has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to pay greater attention to enhancing the leadership role of its Party committee and promote their participation in transforming the policy of the Party into laws and rules.

Addressing the annual meeting of the Home Affairs sector, held from Dec 5-7, Prime Minister Thongloun asked the ministry to increase its responsibility for researching and improving the organizational structure of the government making sure it is concise and functional.

He asked the leadership of the ministry to increase their responsibility for translating into reality the Law on Civil Servants in an effective manner and adjust the law on family registration to reflect the current environment in the country.

He also urged the ministry to attach importance to devising laws on surveys, measurements and mapping and to cooperate with relevant sectors to implement survey and demarcation projects with neighbouring countries and revise the maps of provinces, districts, and villages.

He asked the leadership of the ministry to continue to promote the development in experimental three-build districts and villages and incorporate three-build targets into national patriotism and development campaigns and to create cooperation mechanisms with Party-government organizations, the Lao Front for National Construction, and mass organizations at both central and local levels.

He said that encouraging the public to participate in translating into reality the three-build directive is also necessary.

He also asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to enhance its bilateral cooperation with strategically friendly countries, ASEAN member states and international organizations and to mobilize their support and cooperation for home affairs activities in line with the policies and laws of the Party and government.

The annual nationwide meeting on home affairs was held from Dec 5-7 in Vientiane Capital in the presence of Minister of Home Affairs KhammanSounvileuth, and representatives of line ministries, organizations under the umbrella of the Ministry of Home Affairs and mass organizations.

The meeting provided an opportunity for participants to review the performance of relevant sectors under the Ministry of Home Affairs and adopt targets for the year to come.

Source: Lao News Agency