PM’s Office warns not to neglect Covid-19 preventive measures

The Prime Minister’s Office has warned ministers, provincial governors and relevant authorities not to neglect containment and preventive measures against Covid-19 citing the country remains at risk of facing second wave of the disease as confirmed cases in the region and around the world keep rising.

In a notice issued yesterday, Jun 30, the Prime Minister’s Office said it is necessary to continue implementing Covid-19 containment and preventive measures including social distancing of at least 1 metre, hand washing with soaps and gels and facemask wearing.

However, the notice allows all kinds of sports to be organized and casino to be opened as long as preventive measures are observed.

Festive and religious events, celebrations, wedding parties are also allowed.

Entertainment shops, karaoke venues, and games shops will remain closed.

Some traditional and local border checkpoints will continue to be closed for travels and goods transport.

International border gates will also continue to be closed for unnecessary travels. Suspension of travel and visit visas will remain in place for people from countries where Covid-19 is yet to be under control.

Diplomatic officials, those working for international organizations, experts, investors, business people, technical staff and foreign workers wishing to entering the Lao PDR must seek approval from the Covid-19 Taskforce.


Source: Lao News Agency


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