President Extends Pi Mai Wishes

President Bounnhang Vorachit on Apr 13 delivered a Pi Mai Lao – New Year speech to Lao people in the country and those with Lao origin living abroad.

Today, amid enthusiastic atmosphere of saying good bye to the Year of the Rooster B.E. 2560 and welcoming new year the Year of the Dog BE 2561. This is one of the 12 traditions practiced since time immemorial. I would like to take this auspicious opportunity to extend best wishes to all countrymen and people with Lao origin in the country and abroad and foreign nationals residing, working and living in the Lao PDR. May I wish you healthiness, happiness, and enjoy the celebration of Pi Mai according to the Lao traditions joyfully, and success in implementing your tasks through this New Year, said President Bounnhang.

In his speech, the president highlighted B.E. 2560 as the year witnessed the entire Party, government and people of the Lao PDR working hard to translate into reality the resolution of the 10th National Congress of the Party and the 8th five-year national socio-economic development plan of the government, making great achievements in various areas with people enjoying unity and the country continuing to have strong political stability, peace and order observed in the society, patriotism promoted among public members along with hard working traditions thus improving people’s living conditions and more and more people living above the poverty line.

The president appreciated active efforts made by relevant sectors to create favourable conditions for attracting investment, thus boosting the investment by domestic and foreign companies in the country.

B.E. 2560 witnessed Laos recording a 6.83 % economic growth, with per capita GDP reaching US$ 2,472 and attention paid to the development in education, and cultural and social areas, president noted in his speech.

The president spoke highly of the effectively strengthened cooperation and relations between the Lao PDR and friendly countries and international organizations and noted noticeable events of 2018 including the nationwide launch of Visit Laos Year 2018 to attract domestic and foreign visitors to experience historic, natural and cultural tourist attractions thus boosting the socio-economic development in the country.

He also expressed gratitude to the Party members, civil servants, military and police officers and the Lao people of all strata in the country and people with Lao origin living abroad for their contributions to the national cause over the past twelve months.

My dear countrymen and people with Lao origin, the approaching Year of the Dog B.E. 2561 is a year of importance for the Lao PDR as it is the third year for the implementation of the resolution of the 10th National Congress of the Party and the 8th five-year socio-economic development plan of the government as we will together focus on addressing poverty of people and implement the goal of graduating our country from the least developed country status by 2020 marching toward being an upper middle income developing country according to the green and sustainable vision 2030, said President Bounnhang.

He urged the countrymen, Party members, civil servants, military and police officers to enhance the tradition of unity, and overcome obstacles and challenges, and build on achievements already made and actively address the weak points they failed to remedy last year and called on people of Lao origin to turn their eye to their homeland and work with the people of the Lao PDR to build a prosperous country where people are wealthy and enjoy greater happiness, and the society enjoy greater unity and harmony, democracy, justice, and civilization.

Source: Lao News Agency