Medical Management

Public Concerned about Services Provided by Medical Workers

Among the concerns the general public usually talks about is the service provided by health workers at some major hospitals in Vientiane Capital claiming they fail to provide services that meet required standards of professionalism and ethics.

Most of the unfortunate cases seem to involve new or inexperienced nurses.

At the ongoing 2nd ordinary session of the National Assembly, an issue that was raised concerned the fact that doctors quite often substitute intern medical students for themselves when they are away from hospitals.

There are a number of cases reported about casualties resulting from delayed provisions of medical treatment and members of the general public blame the casualties on the fact that most health workers on standby at hospitals cannot provide prompt medical treatment to patients, especially pregnant women, because they lack provisional experience.

They cannot provide prompt assistance though patients arrive and wait at hospitals. Often experienced doctors are away from the hospitals when needed and the time it takes them to get to the hospital is often lengthy.

An unnamed but experienced government civil servant said that she took a patient in critical condition to a hospital in the early dawn (4-5 am). The patient was laid down to wait for a doctor to arrive and make an examination according to a nurse’s recommendation. Some time passed and a doctor came. The doctor inquired about the medical conditions and medical background of the patient, social security, the record of use of social security, among others. Unfortunately, the patient died before medical treatment was given.

She has kept this question in mind, “Why didn’t medical workers provide the medical treatment needed to save his life first before asking about the background of his medical condition, social security card and a number of things they wanted to know.

Two years ago this woman took her pregnant daughter-in-law to a major hospital only to see her lose her child because she had to wait so long to see a doctor.

The ordeal makes her wonder whether health workers care about ethics, love their professions, or just do what they are told.

These questions, concerns and problems, mostly raised by members of the public, require that relevant sectors and health care professionals take measures to ensure that better services are provided to people in need.

Source: Lao News Agency