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Qualification Reference Framework Report Writing

Over 20 government officials attended a workshop held on May 9-11 to learn how to write an ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework Report.

They represented line departments of the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the National University of Laos, and the Lao-Korean Skills Development Institute.

Held in Vientiane Province, the 2nd ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework Committee Meeting was hosted by the Education Quality Assurance Centre of the Ministry of Education and Sports.

This meeting is very useful for Lao officials as it provides them the opportunity to learn how to write a draft ASEAN Framework Report, said Director of theEducation Quality Assurance Centre Mr Panya Chanthavong.

To ensure the ASEAN Economic Community integration particularly in education sector, and promote the exchange of technical officials and students, it is necessary to have a national education management system and national education quality assurance system established. These will be used as a mechanism to drive and acknowledge educational qualification frameworks of ASEAN member states, said Mr Panya.

The ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) is a common reference framework that enables comparisons of education qualifications across participating ASEAN Member States (AMS).

The objectives of AQRF include:

– Support recognition of qualifications

– Encourage the development of qualifications frameworks that can facilitate lifelong learning

– Encourage the development of national approaches to validating learning gained outside formal education

– Promote and encourage education and learner mobility

– Support worker mobility

– Improve understanding of qualifications systems

– Promote higher quality qualifications systems

The AQRF developed is based on agreed understanding between ASEAN member states. By design, it aims to have a neutral influence on national qualifications frameworks (NQF) of participating countries.

ASEAN member states are invited to participate in AQRF on voluntary engagement and implementation.

More important, engagement in AQRF does not require changes to national qualifications systems. AQRF respects the specific structures and processes of participating member states to maintain their responsiveness to national priorities.

Source: Lao News Agency