R. Korea’s Gyeonggi donates medical supplies to COVID-19-impacted Laos

The Korea Gyeonggido Company and the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center announced that they donated medical and hygiene supplies to the Lao PDR to support its anti-COVID-19 efforts. As the world’s cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is approaching 12 million, the Lao government is striving to prevent possible second wave of COVID-19 through such efforts as forbidding entry by foreigners into the country.

However, the prolonged crisis has seen the Southeast Asian country experience shortages of virus-related items.

To address this situation, the Korea Gyeonggido Company and the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center, in cooperation with companies based in Gyeonggi Province including Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and GTG Wellness, delivered cotton pads, hand sanitizers, and other medical supplies to the Embassy of Laos to the Republic of Korea, conveying confidence that the Lao people will successfully overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

The donation was officially received at the Embassy of Laos to Korea on July 2 with the participation of Mr. Lee Seok-hoon, CEO of the Korea Gyeonggido Company, Mr. Thieng Boupha, Lao Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Mr. Kwon Seok-pil, Head of the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center, and Mr.Lee Jung-heum, CEO of Lao Airlines.

Mr. Lee Seok-hoonof the Korea Gyeonggido Company said, “This year marks the 25th anniversary of the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between Laos and the Republic of Korea. The two countries have been mutually important diplomatic partners. It is a matter of course that we help out Laos when they are in need.”

He added, “Through this opportunity, we will endeavor to further strengthen the friendship between our two countries and expand opportunities for future cooperation.”

Ambassador Thieng Boupha expressed his gratitude, saying, “We have been impressed by Gyeonggi Province’s successful response to the pandemic. On behalf of the Lao people, I express deepest gratitude for the donation of high-quality ‘K-Quarantine’ products. I hope that Korea and Laos will continue close exchanges even after the crisis.”

Mr. Kwon Seok-pilof the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center said, “We will faithfully help our partner by mobilizing the capabilities of the center. We seek to contribute to the creation of a more cooperative relationship between the two countries in the future.”Through this donation, Gyeonggi Province plans to continue the inter-regional partnership between the two countries for the realization of joint prosperity. Meanwhile, the Korea Gyeonggido Company signed agreements with major organizations of Laos, including the Lao Chamber of Commerce, to promote the advancement of small and medium-sized Gyeonggi companies into Laos. This is in line with Korean President Moon Jae-in’s New Southern Policy, an all-inclusive policy to foster South Korea’s relations with ASEAN members economically, diplomatically and socially.

The Korea Gyeonggido Company, together with the Gyeonggi Business Center, plans to open pilot shops in Laos and Vietnam to display products made by exemplary companies of the province, thereby promoting their entry into ASEAN markets.



Source: Lao News Agency


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